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20 steps to help you plan for a fantastic holiday

It’s time to take a break, you want to go on a holiday, what should you do? Be it a family vacation, a romantic break or an adventurous holiday, it’s always good to plan. Planning does not take away the joy of holiday. In fact, it will help reduce any travel related stress and inconvenience, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your holiday.


1.      Decide on the type of holiday and the place you like to visit.

2.      Find out more about the location online by reading travel reviews by other travellers.

3.      Once you are sure about your decision, it’s time to look for travel operators.

4.      Search travel comparison sites, travel portals and travel operators for the best deals.

5.      It’s usually true that if you book your holiday in advance; for example 3 to 6 months, you are more likely to get a better deal. This is especially so for air tickets.

6.      Be flexible in your search for the best deals. Check out different travel options such as different airport, different form of transportation, different cities and accommodation. The alternatives could turn out to be better and cheaper.

7.      Once you have narrowed your search on a couple of travel operators, read about the company and their services in travel reviews sites.

8.      After booking your holidays, the next phase of holiday planning began.

9.      Print your bookings and put them together with your essential travel documents.

10.  Check if you need to apply for a visa at the place you are visiting.

11.  Check with your doctor or go to the World Health Organisation website to find out if you need any vaccination for the place you are going.

12.  If you need transportation to the airport or train station, make arrangement for a friend or a taxi to bring you there. Remember to arrange for transportation on your return too.

13.  Once that’s done, make list of things you want to bring for your holiday.

14.  Consider what your travel essentials are. Things like travel plug adapter, travel pillows, protective money belt, money wallet, locks and many others could be important.

15.  Making a list is also important when it comes to travelling with children. Planning ahead on what you need to bring prevents any last minute hiccups and stress.

16.  Remember your medications, creams and travel toiletries. It might not be easy to get these items at the holiday place.

17.  Make sure that the security systems in the house are set up before you travel. If possible, arrange for someone to look after your house when you are away.

18.  Pack your luggage a day ahead; go through your checklist to ensure that nothing is missed.

19.  An essential point in your checklist should be making sure that all the electricity and gas are switch off before you leave for your holiday.

20.  Have a stress free holiday.

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