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Driving in South Africa    


Drivers with foreign driving license (printed in English) are acceptable as a valid driver’s license in South Africa for up to 6 months. For those without such license, an International Driving Permit will be required. Some of the car rental and insurance companies in South Africa may insist on an international driving license hence it may be wise to apply for one in your country before your travel. South African drive on the left hand side of the road and seat belts must be put on at all times. The use of mobile phones whilst in control of a vehicle is illegal. The maximum speed limit is set at 120km (75mph) on freeways, 100km (60mph) on secondary roads and 60km (35mph) in urban areas.

The driving conditons in South Africa is generally good.There are many toll roads between major cities hence always check the toll fees and make sure that you have a credit card or sufficient cash to pay. As South Africa is a huge country, it is important to plan your journey. You may need to make several stopovers before reaching your desired destination. Planning should also include filling up petrol way before your car run low in fuel as there may not be another petrol station available for a while especially in remote places. The petrol stations in South Africa do not take credit card payment; always ensure that you have sufficient cash to pay for your fuel. When making stopovers especially for overnight stay, book your accommodation before you set out. This is especially important for people who are unsure of where is a good and safe place to stay. The Automobile Association of South Africa provides invaluable guides for road users with useful information for tourists on accommodation and routes to specific destination.

Car rental in South Africa 

There are many local and global car hire firms in South Africa offering competitive car rental rates. Whilst it’s good to look around for the best car rental deals, always read the terms and condition carefully before booking.

Be wary of companies offering low car rental rates. They might have other clause that includes high excess in the event of an accident. After going through several local car rental company and not getting clear answers to some of our queries, we decide to book our car rental online through an established and international car rental company. The price was just as competitive and we only paid a little more to have the excess waived. It is a good idea to make your booking before leaving for your holidays especially in peak season and during special events like the 2010 FIFA World Cup.




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