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How to get the best airfares


Travelling by air has become an essential form of transportation for many. With the emergence of budget airlines over the past years, many airlines are doing whatever they can to get our custom. With so many choices available, how can we get the best airfares?

Top of the lists for finding the best fare is online. The internet has provided a useful platform for travellers to source and compare air fares instantly. Many travel agencies and airlines are giving away special discounts for people booking flights through their website. Hence, the internet is the best place to look for the best airfares.

Booking your air tickets in advance, for example, 6 months in advance is another way to ensure that you get a cheaper air fare. The reason being, as the date of departure draw closer and as more seats are booked, prices for the remaining seats tends to increase. Hence, if you can plan your travels in advance, you can be sure of a better deal.

On the flip side, airlines do reduced their airfare for last minute deals. This happens when the departure date is drawing close, for example, one or two days before departure and the airline would need to sell the remaining seats. If you are prepared for last minute travel, look out for these special deals, you will be surprised by the discounted fare.

Look out for airline promotions. Most airlines provide promotional deals outside peak travel period. Airfare promotion occurs often before peak season like school holidays and festive season such as Christmas and New Year. If you are able to travel outside the peak season, you would most likely be able to make substantial savings on your air fare.

Would you prefer to take direct flight or have stopovers in one or two countries? Stopover flights are usually cheaper than direct flights. So if you are not in a hurry to reach your travel destination and if you do not mind longer travelling time, you can be sure of getting a cheaper airfare for your travel.

Low cost airlines provide a cheaper alternative for travelling. Most low cost airline or budget airline operates on a no-frills concept. That is, the aircraft is usually smaller and meals are provided at a cost during the journey. Low cost airlines often have cheap airfare promotion such as $1 air fare and all you need to do is pay for airport tax and surcharge.

The current state of economy has caused many airlines to bring down their airfare. Look out for their flight promotions, search on the internet and you will surely find the best airfare for your travel.




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