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Jersey, Channel Island

Jersey is the largest of the five Channel Islands and is well known for its beautiful countryside and pristine beaches. The island which is 45 sq miles with 44 miles of coastline can be easily explored by foot, car, cycle or bus. 


One of the best ways to get to know Jersey is cycling and walking. The island seems to be designed for cyclists and walkers. The Green lanes  which were introduced to provide safety are an intricate network of 50 miles of country lanes where walkers, cyclists and horse riders are given priority over cars. Hence the speed limit on the Green Lanes is 15mph. The green lane links the beaches, places of attraction and is a useful guide for first timers travelling in Jersey.

The beaches are never too far away in Jersey. St. Aubin’s Bay, a popular stretch of sandy beach starts from St. Helier Harbour to St. Aubin’s Harbour. The waters in St. Aubin’s Bay are also a hot spot for water skiers and windsurfers. It is also a fact that the sandy beach in St. Aubins’ Bay is ideal for building sand castle. The other beaches in Jersey include Beauport, an area of secluded and protected coves, ideal for sunbathers wanting to get away from the crowds. For surf enthusiast, the Atlantic waves from St Ouen’s Bay are provide one of the best surfing experience. Besides enjoying popular beach activities like water skiing, jet ski and fun boat rides, walking along the beach against the golden ray of the sun as it sets in the horizon is both breathtaking and serene.

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a major landmark in Jersey. Founded more than 50 years ago by naturalist Gerald Durrell, the conservation trust is famed for its work in saving and breeding endangered species. The Trust is located in an area of landscaped parklands and water gardens. Among the endangered species are a gorilla family of five lead by a silverback called Ya Kwanza, three generations of Sumatran Orang Utans and a Madagascan gentle lemur community. The animals live in large open spaces with environment created to be as close to their natural habitat. Some of the endangered species like the Mauritius Kestrel have been successfully conserved and bred and will be returned to Mauritius to re establish a new community of Kestrel. The Conservation Trust is opened throughout the year except on Christmas Day. The different types of admission charges and the fees collected are used to aid the ongoing conservation both effort locally and internationally.

Elizabeth Castle build during the 1500s is a historical monument in Jersey. The castle was built on an islet in St. Aubins’ Bay and for over 300 years, it has been used for military purpose. Inside the castle are three permanent exhibitions, War and Peace, Granite and Gunpowder and the Jersey Militia. The castle is open daily in summer and access to the castle by the amphibious ferry adds a novel start to the visit. 

Jersey War Tunnel formerly known as The Höhlgangsanlage 8 (Ho8) was built by the Germans as their defence against the Allied forces when they occupied Jersey during World War Two. The tunnel was built by forced labours and the terrible conditions and suffering of the slave labourers are portray in a sculpture entitled ‘Silence’, currently standing on the grounds of the tunnel. The displays in the galleries tell the story of evacuation, deportation, captivity and siege, to eventual liberation of Jersey. 

For lovers of Sea Shells, the Shell Garden is a paradise. Imagine a garden filled with stunning display of dolphins, doves, sea horses, mermaids all made from shells. Started by Colin Soudain in 1957, shells are continuously added to the largest shell garden in the world. The combination of colourful flowers as they dance to the backdrop of the beautiful sea shells makes the Shell Garden a delight to be in. There is even a shop selling handmade shell craft.  

Mont Orgueil Castle is one of the best preserved castles on the island. The dramatic castle which was built in 13th century, towers over the Gorey. There are many things to see in the castle. At the end of each winding stairs are displays depicting the practices and lifestyle of the medieval inhabitants. From witchcraft to more than 50 exhibits, Mont Orgueil Castle is definitely the place to appreciate the history of Jersey. Beside exhibits, the castle provides an excellent setting for re-enactment of Jersey’s medieval history. The Living History team and the spectacular eagle flying demonstration are some of the performances that can be enjoyed at Mont Orgueil. The castle opens daily from 18 March to 2 November.  

The capital of Jersey, St.Helier is a great place for try the local delights and shopping. The pedestrian only street is lined with shops selling a variety of goods. As the taxes in Jersey are low and there is no VAT, you can be sure to find some value for money bargains. Jersey foods is also renowned, the island is famous for its variety of new potatoes, Jersey Royals and Jersey Black butter, a traditional delicacy made out from cider apples should not be missed.  

English is the official language spoken in Jersey though Jèrriais, a Norman language very similar to French is spoken by a minority group of people. Pound Sterling is the common currency used and Euros are accepted in certain shops. There is only one major international airport that connects flights from UK and Europe. The weather in Jersey average about 19°C in summer to about 9°C in winter.



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