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Safety tips for travel

This is the time of the year when most of us are looking forward to having a fantastic summer holiday. We all want to have a great time and would not want anything bad to happen. It is good to arm ourselves with some essential safety tips for travel irrespective of whether we are travelling alone, in a group or with family.


Here are some travel tips for a safe, undisruptive and enjoyable holiday: 

  • When planning for you and your family holiday, it will be useful to consider the safety first aspect of the country and the activities you are going to participate. Get some travel advice before making your holiday plans.If you have very young children, you might not want to go to places that require lots of walking and climbing. It will be challenging to protect your child whilst trying to move through uneven terrain. 
  • Find travel tips about the country you are visiting to have a better understanding of the place and the locals. Travel tips like you should only take licensed taxis and where are the places to avoid. 
  • Secure your luggage well and mark it clearly for easy identification. This will reduce chances of your travel luggage getting damage or accidentally claimed by other travellers. 
  • Whether it’s just you and your partner or travelling with many people, it is always good look out for each other. Have a clear communication of where to meet if you are looking at different things especially in shopping areas. Make sure that the young ones are always around you. Brief them about safety and about the consequence of straying from the group. 
  • Take care of your belongings. It’s quite common to find that petty thefts like pick pocketing and snatch thieves do happened especially in big cities. Do not leave your bags unattended and always make sure that your bag is closed and tightly secured. 
  • Leave important items such as excess cash and travel documents in the hotel room safe or with the hotel’s security safe. Do not flaunt your wealth with lots of jewellery or thick pile of cash as it could bring you unnecessary attention. If possible, it will be better to use credit cards for your payment. However, do keep an eye on your credit card when paying and make sure that no one is around you when you key in your pin number. Always keep receipts of your purchases when on holiday, it will help to clear any potential discrepancies or scams. 
  • Follow safety rules and information especially when you are on a beach vacation. Find out where’s the designated place for swimming and the whereabouts of lifeguards.
  • Always try to eat well cooked food. Avoid whenever possible buying food from roadside stalls, not unless you think the food is thoroughly cooked. If you are not sure about drinking water from the tap, drink only bottled mineral water. There is also the concerned about the source of water for ice cubes, whenever possible, buy chilled drinks instead. 
  • Be prepared with basic safety first items in your travel bag. Safety first items like plaster for cuts, tablets for indigestion or food poisoning and disinfecting wipes or spray. 

You should be having a good time when on holiday. Do not let accidents or unfortunate incidents spoil your enjoyment. It is prudent to be prepared and to be aware of things that could disrupt your holiday. You will have a great summer vacation with peace of mind.



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