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Tips for travel to Australia

Australia is a popular holiday destination and rightly so. The country has the open space, long sandy beaches, bush land, deserts and bustling cosmopolitan cities to quench your every holiday desire. Even the animals, Kangaroo and Koala Bear in Australia are famous around the world.   


Though it is relatively easy to travel in Australia, it is always good to find some useful travel tips before you begin your trip. Here are some useful tips for travel to Australia:

Australian Visas 

With exception of Australian and New Zealand citizen, visitors wishing to enter Australia have to make a visa application. There are two types of visas for Australia, Electronic Travel Authorities (ETAs) which is an electronic visa available to holders of certain passport and these visas are valid for visits of up to 3 months. The other visa is Non-electronic visas which is available for those who do not hold the ETA eligible passport and people who wish to stay for more than 3 months. 

Here is a list of ETA-eligible passports:



·Hong Kong SAR




·South Korea

·United States of America 

and more...

You can find out more about the type of visa you are eligible from the ETA website,https://www.eta.immi.gov.au/or through a travel agent.

Weather in Australia 

The Australian winter starts from June through to August and summer falls between December and February. The winter climate is generally mild with occasional snow fall on the southern mountain regions. Summer tend to be dry and hot. Though the warmth of the sun can be inviting, it is necessary and important to protect yourself from the Australian sun with SPF30+ sunscreen.

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