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Travel Strategies

Are you in a dilemma about whether you should take a holiday this year? What is your travel strategies for 2009? The start of the new year brings news of economic slowdown and understandably makes us wonder if it is prudent to book a holiday. With proper travel strategies, it is still possible to take a holiday amidst the economic slowdown.


Here are 5 points to consider when planning for your holidays: 

1.       How much money can you allocate for you and your family for this holiday? 

2.       Will you consider a holiday in your own country? 

3.       Will you consider several short holidays instead of one big holiday. 

4.       Will you consider going to countries that give you a better exchange rate? 

5.       What kind of holiday accommodation will suit you and your family? 

This is probably the best time to book a holiday. Tour operators, hotels and tourism boards from around the world are all affected by the economic slowdown and will be vying for your business. 

Here are some travel strategies for getting the best holiday deals in 2009. 

1.    The internet is the perfect place to look out for the special offers. Do your research online for the best price on holiday packages, flights, car rental, accommodations and sightseeing packages. The good news is you do not have to forgo quality for low prices as even the top class operators and accommodation providers are vying for our custom. 

2.    Self catering holiday is an inexpensive holiday option. It is especially useful for families as most self catering accommodation comes with 2 to 3 bedrooms and a kitchenette. Consider getting a few friends to share the cost of the self catering accommodation and have a great time exploring the place together. 

3.    Most self catering holidays are located in Holiday Parks. Most of these Parks have amusement facilities for children and adults. You and your family can spend the whole day in the Park hence no extra expense on travelling is incurred. 

4.    Look out for freebies and discounts on foods and drinks. There are many types of freebies that could help reduce your holiday expenditure. Freebies such as ‘Free child places’, ‘free night offers’, ‘free upgrade on rails’, ‘free after dinner drinks’ and ‘free meals’. There also many discount deals cash offers, booking offers and group offers. 

5.    Think outside the box 1, perhaps you would consider house exchange which is gaining popularity nowadays. House exchange takes away the costs of paid accommodation. 

6.    Think outside the box 2, you could offer your service to house sit or even to do some simple chores like gardening in another country. Not only do you get free accommodation, you get the chance to do some sightseeing too. 

7.    If you intend to stay in a city like London or New York for a few days, get hold of city passes for your travel and sightseeing. City passes are passes that could include travelling by public transportation, discounted visits to museum, art galleries and places of interest. 

8.    Visit National Parks and nature reserves as they are a low cost and relaxing way of enjoying Mother Nature. 

9.    Be on a lookout for sales and hotel deals. It is the buyer market now and travel providers will constantly be coming out with sales to get our custom. 

10.Go to a country where you can get the most for your money. Your money will go further when you travel to a place that could give you great quality travel experience at a low cost. 

11.If travelling abroad is too costly, why not consider holidaying in your own country. You can break your travel in short intervals and you could even discover new places. 

12.If you do not mind travelling in short notice, check out last minute deals. Great deals are often found in last minute travel. 

There is no need to shelf travel plans this year. This is perhaps one of the best times to get bargain deals for your holiday. Good or bad time, we are deserve a break sometime. 



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