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What to see and do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg also known as Jo'burg, is the largest city in South Africa. It is also an internationally renowned vibrant metropolis and the most powerful commercial centre on the African continent. Johannesburg earned the name “Egoli” or City of Gold for having the largest gold resources in the world. 


Main attractions in Johannesburg

Gold Reef City sits on the grounds of a former gold mine. The streets, houses have been rebuilt to resemble the days of the gold rush, even the staffs in the theme park are dressed in costumes of that era. Visitors can take a steam train ride or a historical coach ride round the park, visit old gold mine or spend the night at the Gold Reef City hotel.

Soweto ranks as one of the must see places in South Africa. It’s a township situated just outside Johannesburg where over two million people live. Soweto is also infamous for its notoriety. The township was formed from the times of Apartheid and was the centre of civil unrest during the 1970’s. Today, Soweto is a vibrant township with houses ranging from mansions to makeshift tin shacks, a place of vibrant music and theatre, and the melting pot of South African culture. The best and safest way to visit Soweto is following a guided tour.

Cradle of HumanKind situated in the northwest of Johannesburg is a World Heritage Site. The site occupies 183 sq miles (474 km²), contains a number of dolomitic limestone caves containing many extraordinary fossilized remains of ancient forms of animals, plants and hominids (ape man fossil). It’s in Sterkfontein Caves where a 2.3 million year old fossil, Australopithecus africanus was found. About 1,000 hominids fossils have been discovered over the years. An hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, visitors can learned about the history of man through an interactive exhibition centre, details of fossilisation, paleobotany and visit the caves where the world acclaimed fossils were discovered.

Apartheid Museum- The Apartheid Museum tells the story about the rise and fall of apartheid. Located just 15 minutes from OR Tambo International Airport, visitors to The Apartheid Museum will come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of South Africa’s darkest days and triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Shopping in Johannesburg- Jo'burg is well known for its superb shopping facilities. From the upmarket Sandton Shopping Centre and Nelson Mandela Square to the fun Oriental Plaza and not to be missed Rosebank Flea Market; you will never be spoilt for choice.

Newtown is the cultural hub of Johannesburg. It offers world class experience in theatre, dance, music, art, photography and crafts. There are also many interesting places to visit in Newtown and they are Museum of Africa, the world famous Market Theatre, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre and SAB World of Beer.

Lesedi Cultural Village -Learn about the rich cultural background of the traditional people of South Africa. Participate in traditional dances, taste foods that are authentic in Zulu, Sotho, Pedi, Xhosa and Ndebele villages and let the sound of Marimbas transport you through South Africa’s history. Situated within the Cradle of Humankind, a visit to South Africa is incomplete without a visit to Lesedi Cultural Village.

Soccer City in Johannesburg is the main venue for the 2010 World Cup. Located near Soweto, the stadium whose  design is inspired by the iconic African pot known as the calabash will be hosting the opening and final matches. The other stadium that will be hosting the football matches is Ellis Park Stadium. It is located at the centre of the bustling city of Johannesburg. Ellis Park Stadium will be hosting 7 games including a quarter-final during the 2010 World Cup.



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